Our Way

Our way… is a long one but we reached the point of no return quite some time ago. It all started with the request for the World Gymnaestrada 2003, which was then given to Lisbon. What remained was the idea and the incentive to host the world’s biggest gymnastic festival in Vorarlberg and in July 2002 the die was cast. In faraway Tokyo, the small Austrian town Dornbirn won the right to stage this event ahead of the other applicants Amsterdam and Brussels, not just because of the great organisational experience of our OK Team – it was mainly their convincing concept based on the ideals and values of the World Gymnaestrada: Getting together, Friendship and Solidarity.

This formula for success at the time of our application is the basis of the course we are continually pursuing, step by step, year after year. The four elements Water, Air, Fire, and Earth will be guiding us through the four years of preparation for the 16th World Gymnaestrada in Dornbirn. Each element is a symbol and an anchor on our trail of values, every year is a valuable step on our way to 2019 when in the quintessence of the elements, the “people” – the most important element of the Gymnaestrada – take to the stage. Symbolized by the spiral in our logo, a symbol that reflects the “getting together” of everybody and everything.

We want to succeed in organizing the event this year, we are doing everything that we can just to gather as many people as possible. With a lot of people, we hope that there will be a lot of friendships created, that’s is one of the major things that we would like to see. That is the thing that we are pursuing, friendship is making people happy, therefore we have to be open-minded and try to socialize as much as we can on these events.


This event is not created just to compete with other people, it has a deeper meaning and that is to connect people and make them happier even if it is just for one day. People are the main ingredient of this event, without people there would be nothing, so we would like to invite everyone interested to come and be a part of this great event that will bring people closer together and create friendships that will hopefully last forever.

As mentioned above, we have the formula to success and you are needed in order to get this formula working. This type of event like the World Gymnaestrada is not a common thing and you don’t want to miss it. This might be your only chance to join us, you better not waste it. Other than just having fun and making friends, you will be doing some exercises that are great for your overall health. That way you will keep your body and mind in shape.