The great Gymnaestrada-Idea is a commitment

The World Gymnaestrada is the biggest mass sports festival in the world. More than 20,000 gymnasts from all over the world and of all ages flock every four years to a festival that Amsterdam’s mayor in 1991 aptly circumscribed as “A week of utopia, a place where everybody is happy”.

This fantastic development of the World Gymnaestrada is not just the triumphal advance of a sports event but also of a great idea. The idea that sports unite people peacefully and the whole world can get together in friendship. The characteristics of this sports festival are values instead of pure valuation, common interests instead of pure competition.

The great idea of the World Gymnaestrada is a big task for any host. We shall make every effort that the 16th. World Gymnaestrada 2019 in Dornbirn with its motto „Getting together, Friendship and Solidarity“ will fulfill this commitment. Our slogan “come together, be one“, can be taken literally. We invite everybody “to be one”. To be one, with the choreography, the harmonious movement and the sport as such, with the people and groups of the Gymnaestrada-World and last but not least to be in harmony with yourself.

We are looking forward to 2019 and to a great, friendly “getting together“ in Dornbirn.


You don’t have to worry about your age, this event is considered to be the most diverse sports festival in the entire world, you have people competing for that are over 80 years old and you can also find very young people. Therefore, age is a thing that you don’t have to worry about during this event. Just come and have a great time, make a lot of new friends and enjoy the moment. Living the moment is one important thing that not many people realize. You should always use up everything that life has to offer to you. If you pass on something, later on in life you will remember it and start regretting that you have passed on the opportunity to be a part of such great event like the World Gymnaestrada.

This is a life experience that not many people get to have, we strongly recommend to everyone that is capable of coming to visit us and spend a unique day with other people. This festival is all about spreading smiles and happiness amongst people, therefore if you are feeling down, you should definitely visit us because the atmosphere will change your mental state immediately. In the crowd of happy people, you simply cannot feel down and sad. Invite all of your friends, gather as many people as you can and join us on this fun sports adventure. The hosts of this event and all the leaders are very helpful, whenever you need something or you have some unanswered questions, they will help you out.